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Best Weather feat Mr Bert

Best Weather - Solo performed music project [DE]

Box Fatale!

Box Fatale - Three man band preformed music project [DE]


Sonomat - music project [DE]

Trash Vision

Trash Vision - music [DE]


Rewire - Oldschool HC Punk [Berlin]

Noise Channel

Noise Channel - Noise recording and experimental composing

Noise Rotation Room
Interactive Sound Installation

Two man arranged sound installation [DE]

It is a dark room with a noise which is gently rotating in circles inside. The form of the noise and the frequency of oscillation can be adjusted by the listener using a controller unit. The listener can also affect the sound impression while changing the rotation speed, direction, position and rotation axes with sensor controls. In this way it is possible to create abstract and dynamic sound figures.

Therefore the listener can interact with the "machine" and be confronted with variable sound and frequency effects. This offers an acoustical multi-dimensional experience for the ear and for the whole body. This interaction allows for the exploration and direct apprehension of the effects of frequencies and sound. It is an audio-visual experience without visualization.

A second prototype will be made for different noises in different positions which could be modified in sync with its positions.

The project is still a work in progress and will be finished for the first official presentation at the beginning of the year 2015.

Some impressions of the developing process

microprocessor technology for midi and sensors

midi controller sensor box

noise room model construction

software based multi channel surround utilities

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